Simple Ways to Add Personality and Flair to Your Home

Designer Deborah Wescelman has a fresh and innovative approach to interior decorating. She's not afraid to mix and match and go for the minimal or the eccentric. Her talent lies in her innate ability to blend elements from different eras, styles and periods, ensuring that the final result is always a good fit for each individual client. Here are her four top secrets for making your house a truly unique and special place.

1. Clean lines: Furniture should come in basic forms — square rectangle or circles.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and prints: By adding primary shaped furniture, it keeps the space “clean” and allows for abstract adornments that will not create a “busy” appearance.

3. Start with neutral hues, and then add unexpected pops of color: By using taupe, beige, cream, grey, black, white or brown (neutral) canvases, you can liven up the space with bold home accessories from bright yellow paintings to royal blue vases. These unexpected splashes add personality to any space.

4. Discover your personality by channeling your own sense of imagination: From tribal to western to abstract influences, special touches of flair are timeless and require minimal revisions throughout the seasons.