Skin-Type Tutorial: Are You Oily, Dry, or Combo?


Our skin can change a lot over our lifetime. Many of us have oily skin in our teens and dry skin into adulthood, so the skin type you had five years ago is likely different from the skin type you have today. When it comes to picking products for your face and body, figuring out your skin type is key to finding the best product for you. Read on for our helpful guide for figuring out your skin type.

Does your skin feel tight after cleansing?
Does your skin tend to get flaky and itchy?
Are you prone to fine lines and wrinkles?
You most likely have dry skin.
Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles, which means it requires special care. Look for creamy cleansers and moisturizers that won’t rob your skin of its natural moisture.

Do you find your skin getting shiny, especially in the T-zone?
Do you have large pores?
Are you prone to blackheads and breakouts?
You most likely have oily skin.
Oily skin can be annoying, but the great news is you’re less likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Look for oil-free products and exfoliate twice a week with a gentle scrub.

Do you have a slightly oily T-zone?
Are your cheeks dry?
Do you have medium-size pores with occasional dry patches?
You most likely have combination skin.
Combination skin means you need to treat your oily parts (the T-zone) separately from the rest of your face. Try an astringent to avoid breakouts and clogged pores.