Skip the Salon and Snag a Red Carpet Manicure

We have a confession – we can’t keep a manicure to save our lives! No matter how careful we are at the salon, polish will inevitably smudge, chip, break, create air bubbles, or end up covered with fingerprints. We had nearly given up on our nails, but Red Carpet Manicure provides an amazing at-home alternative.

A gel polish hybrid, it goes on easily in thin layers. It lasts for weeks like a gel with the help of an LED light that zaps polish dry in seconds with no risk of UV exposure. Best of all, it comes in an array of colors to satisfy any nail art fan with new shades added every season! The starter kit contains all the tools necessary to nail a look for your tips and toes in less that an hour, including the Prep Max Adhesion Sanitizer, Structure Base Coat, an LED Gel Polish, Brilliance Seal and Shine Top Coat, Purify Pre-and Post Application Cleanser, the Erase Gel Polish, and a Portable LED light. Get a fabulous new nail look in a snap? Looks like we’ll be skipping the salon.

Available at for $3.99 – $79.99