Sleepy Hollow, Creepy Hallow

By Brad Barth

Faint hearts, beware: I, Brad Barth, brave and intrepid reporter, will subject myself to horrors beyond comprehension this Halloween night at the Headless Horseman Hayride and Haunted Houses attraction in Lake Ulster, New York. The terrifying tales I bring back, I fear, may be too intense for some of you to hear. Nevertheless, it is my duty to report them.

I'm dead serious when I tell you that this ghoulishly cool attraction, situated in the beautiful Hudson Valley, is widely considered to be the among the very best outdoor Halloween attractions in the entire country. Having experienced (and survived) it myself twice before, I can no doubt see why. Not that I would ever dare speak ill of the Headless Horseman or his endless army of evil minions.

Open Friday through Sunday until Nov. 6, the attraction features a Halloween shopping village, hayride, corn maze, five haunted houses and a cringe-inducing sideshow that usually involves somebody swallowing razor blades or something equally deadly. Tickets are pretty hard to come by at this point, but if you're still interested, you can visit the web site, for more information.