Slim and Trim: The Best Shapewear

Choosing the right shapewear for your body can be an intimidating task, not to mention expensive. You can get a slimmer shape without breaking the bank at a department store. Today's shapewear is more affordable, more stylish, and more comfortable than the shapewear of the past. Whether you want to focus on one problem area or you're looking for an overall slimmer appearance, we've found shapewear that will help you feel confident about your figure—and your bank balance!

1. H&M Shapewear Slip, $25
2. Assets® by Sara Blakely® Mid Thing Shaper, $12
3. Vanity Fair® Self Control Shapewear Torsette, $32
4. H&M Shapewear Briefs, $13
5. Vanity Fair® Modern Coverage Front Close Underwire Bra, $34
6. Assets® by Sara Blakely® Open Bust Cami, $28