Smashbox & Curtis Kulig Take it To the Streets for Spring 2013


Since Art Basel, artists have collaborated with many of our favorite fashion houses and designers, but Curtis Kulig chose a different route. Kulig partnered with Smashbox for the brand’s Spring 2013 collection, featuring an eye shadow palettes , blush, lipsticks, lip glossesand a felt-tipped eyeliner pen – all stamped with his signature “Love Me” script. In the video below, Kulig explains his inspiration for the collaboration to Smashbox founder, Davis Factor, including the origin of his signature slogan and its transition to street style. “I always felt like Smashbox was a very fun thing that was going on,” he said. “I felt it was a kind of movement.” Everybody could use a little more love in 2013!

Available at for $19-$34.