Smurfette to Make a Blue Debut During New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week just got a little… bluer? To gear up for the release of The Smurfs 2 movie, Sony Pictures Animation and Junk Food Art House will work together to put on Le Look Smurfette fashion show: a collection inspired by only female Smurf on Feb. 13.

The creative directors for this show are Highsnobette's Lois Sakany and Samia Grand-Pierre. As a fun way to pay homage to Smurfette's creator, Peyo, a long sleeve crewneck top will be imprinted with the french saying 'Parlez-Vous Anglais' and and a sweatshirt will be covered with vials of 'blue essence, which will walk down the runway. We wonder if Katy Perry, the voice behind the little blue lady, will make a front row appearance at the show.

The Smurfette line will be available at department stores like Bloomingdales, Colette, Selfridges, Beams, and Saks Fifth Avenue before its summer release.