Snag Sexy Summer Color with Clairol

Coloring your hair takes more thought than just grabbing a box off of the shelf. In order to reach the color you really want takes more time and consideration than you may have done in the past. Clairol Color Director Marie Robinson recently took us to the haircare aisle for a lesson in snagging your ideal shade.
Marie first recommended deciding between permanent and demi-permanent. Most reach for Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy permanent color to cover grays and for drastic changes, regardless if you choose the liquid or foam. Natural Instincts is a demi-permanent dye, making it a better option for those looking for something subtler. “A demi-permanent is great, not only for someone who’s just starting to get grays, but even if they don’t have them yet, they just want to enhance the color of their hair,” she said. “They can always add a warmer reflection to it or a cooler reflection to it, or you can always go a little bit darker with it.”
Numerous stylists have advised at-home colorists to stay within a two shade range of your natural color to get the best results. One trick to keep in mind is the type of jewelry you wear, which can tips the scales towards warmer or cooler tones. “If you’re someone who wears gold jewelry, then probably gold, red and caramel tones will look good on you,” Marie explained. “If you’re someone who wears silver jewelry, then the cooler tones – you can look to see that the box says cool, ash or beige – because then you know those background tones will look good on you.”
You may want to get a little closer than you’re comfortable with to refresh your roots without the worry that it won’t blend into new gray growth with the Root Touch Up by Nice ‘n Easy. “A lot of people don’t realize that they should be putting the brush that comes in the kit directly on the scalp,” she said. “The best way is to actually take the brush and dab it onto the scalp because it will naturally spread and they’ll get even saturation on the part and around the face.”
For much more drastic changes, it’s always best to seek the advice of a professional who can test your tresses to see how they will take to a different shade and make recommendations to replicate it at home.
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