So In Love: Bill and Guiliana Rancic

It can't be easy being one-half of a high-powered Hollywood couple. Between the long work hours, the constant travel, and the lack of face time, it's a miracle that any of their marriages last. And then there's Bill and Guiliana Rancic—somehow this globetrotting couple makes it work. We sat down with the ridiculously gorgeous Rancics to talk all things love, long-distance, and what their doing this Valentine's Day. Take notes ladies—it seems as if these two are in it for the long-haul.

On Their Valentine's Day plans:
Guiliana Rancic: I think we’re going to take it pretty easy; we decided we’re not going to spend any money on each other as far as gifts, and instead we’re doing something for each other that the other one loves. Bill is going to cook my favorite meal, which is this pasta he makes with Canadian bacon—it’s so good.
Bill Rancic: It’s my version of a carbonara. It’s the Rancic Carbonara.
GR: My gift to Bill is a massage—that’s all he wants from me. For a half hour I’m going to give him a Swedish massage—I’m pretty good at it. I use Nivea Smooth Sensation. We love it.

On How to Keep the Romance Alive:
BR: You have to put effort in and time in and make the sacrifices. Instead of focusing on what your partner is doing for you, you should focus on what you’re doing for your partner. You can’t keep score.
GR: It’s not about gifts. A lot of people think that effort equals gifts, and it’s really not about that. Maybe something cute [to gift] is like email each other 5 things that you really love about that person. That goes so much further than a new pair of shoes. It hits you in your soul, and it helps with the relationship. You’re like, ‘Oh this is something he noticed… I didn’t think he noticed… OK I’m going to do more of that.’ That’s the way to better a relationship. And we also tell each other throughout the year not what we’re doing wrong, but what we’re doing right. Tell me when you like something, I think that’s important.

On Mastering Their Long-Distance Marriage:
BR: I’m in Chicago a third of the time, in LA a third of the time, and on the road a third when speaking…
GR: I’m in LA.
BR: We rely on Skype, text messaging, phone call…
GR: …Twit pics, we do it all. If it wasn’t for social media and technology, I don’t know how we’d have a relationship. It’s working out for us.

On Advice for Other Long-Distance Couples:
BR: You have to make yourself always accessible. Early on, whenever I was traveling, she always knew what hotel I was at, what room I was in, she could reach me anytime of day. I didn’t want her mind to wander. You have to earn trust; you have to build it up. I didn’t want her to worry. I was available always.
GR: Me too. Sometimes I’m on the set of E! News taping, and I see him calling. I could easily ignore it because I am in the middle of work, but I like him to know where I am and what I am doing. Don’t let their mind wander; your 2000 miles apart. Respect each other enough to let each other know where you are.

On Delaying Their Baby Plans:
BR: We’re going back to au naturel. Whatever happens, happens. We’re going to embrace the cards that have been dealt. No pressure.
GR: Au naturel is fun. Now we’re recommitted to us and taking a break from all of the baby stuff… We have a chance to just be a normal couple and be together. We’re having fun doing our thing. For 2 years we were on schedules. It was almost like we’d be in the mood to fool around, and then ‘oh wait—the calendar says tomorrow!’ There’s no fun in that. Now we’ve brought the fun back into it. We’re just having a great time taking a break, so we’ll see. We’re a family with or without a child; we’ll have a wonderful full life no matter what.

Bill On When Guiliana is Most Beautiful to Him:
BR: In the morning.
GR: There’s no way—you’ve got to get a good look!
BR: On Sundays we’ll spend two, three hours just in bed hanging out, watching TV, talking, sending out emails… it’s very real and raw and it’s just love.
GR: It’s awesome.
BR: We could spend all day in that bed just hanging out. That’s fun, and that’s what life is about. It’s about being able to do nothing with each other.