Sofia Coppola’s Daisy Is a Bohemian Beauty


The premise of dancing in a field of daisies sounds simple, but with Sofia Coppola behind the lens, Marc Jacobs’ new Daisy ad looks divine!

The designer linked up with his longtime pal to show the softer side of the classic scent. Model Ondria Hardin frolics in a field of daisies in a flowing cotton-white dress, leaving the giant bottle from the fragrance’s first commercial at home. Nylon noted the hazy atmosphere paired with Hardin’s ethereal style channels Coppola’s filmmaking debut, The Virgin Suicides, and we certainly agree.

It also shows a sharp contrast between the fun and flirty ads for Honey (remember her date in the big city?) and the haunting beauty of Daisy’s romp amongst the blooms. If Marc Jacobs’ Honey is a savvy city girl, then this video proves Daisy is her bohemian better half.

Haven't seen the clip yet? Take a look below: