Sofia Vergara Bottles Her Bombshell Status


From the small screen to the sales rack, Sofia Vergara is everywhere. But now the bombshell is diving further into the beauty department with her first scent!

Instead of just lending her name to a new perfume as another endorsement, Vergara worked closely with Parlux and Maesa to craft Sofía by Sofia Vergara. Slated to hit HSN on April 24thand held exclusively until July, the olfactory option blends blackberry, sparkling cassis buds, and plum up top; purple violet, Columbian Rose and Columbian Orchid (natch) at the heart; and earthy woods, vanilla, and sandalwood to round everything out for a scent that would appeal to everyone. “I have orchids and roses because those are my favorite flowers, and they’re Colombian,” she told Women’s Wear Daily. “I wanted to bring a little bit of who I am, my ethnicity, where I’m from, and I thought it was very cool to be able to get flowers from Colombia actually into the perfume.”

Even the bottle reflects her love of jewelry with an emerald cut similar to a ring from her collection, serving as practice for another category she has in the works for her brand. “At first, we put it in green, but it was too much. So, then we thought of other colors. I wanted to have something classy that you can put on your boudoir and it looks pretty,” she said. “We finally found this perfect [pink] color [for the juice and dispenser] and it all came together.”

With all of her extracurriculars, she wouldn’t be surprised if her acting career fell by the wayside to focus on building her business further. “As an actress and a woman, I’m aging. I’m 41 years old. I don’t want to be in front of the camera [forever], not with that stupid high-definition TV,” Vergara said. “I want to one day say that I don’t have to be in front of the camera, but I can still work on things that I love and make money and be productive when I’m 60 or 70 years old. I’ve done all the things I’ve wanted to do, and [further extensions] have to be something organic. I don’t want to force it.”