Solve Your Summer Beauty Blunders


There are endless hair and makeup trends and techniques to try out during the summer, but the extra sun can have a big effect on your beauty routine. From frizz to melted products and more, the added heat can put a damper on the end result of your look. Glam turned to aesthetician and beauty expert Olia Majd to find out how to fix your beauty blunder before it becomes a disaster.
Avoid Makeup Meltdown
Primers will become your best friend this season—they help smooth the skin’s surface as well as hold on to the makeup, even if you start to perspire. But Majd also has a few items to add to your bag. “Carry blotting papers around with you so you can quickly take care of any oil and shine,” she said.

Spot-Check Your Shaving
It’s easy to miss a spot when you’re rushing in the shower, but the result is hard to miss. Carry an extra razor like the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive when you’re on the go to stop the stubble from springing up. “If I miss a spot, I just do a quick dry shave to get rid of it,” she said. “It doesn't have to be perfect—just so it's not visible during the time you're out is key.”

Fight the Frizz
It’s impossible to step outside—let alone enter the subway—without your hair inflating. While braids, buns, and ponytails provide quick solutions, you can stop the problem before it starts. “I am a huge fan of keratin treatments and argan oil,” Majd said. “They work wonders to tame all my frizz instantly!”

Stop the Smell
Sometimes your invisible solid may get too soft in the summer heat. Instead of scooping up the melted deodorant, Majd has an interesting option. “I've used anti-bacterial hand sanitizer in a pinch,” she said. The alcohol in the formulas kills the bacteria that can cause body odor until you can find a fresh stick.

Perfect Your Pedicure
There’s only so long you can wait for your polish to dry before you slip back into your shoes. But when a smudged pedicure from the salon happens, Majd suggests finding a similar shade. “I look in my nail polish drawer and find the closest shade to the color I currently have,” she said. “I just paint the part that has been smudged and make sure to wait until it fully dries. It's not perfect, but it’s much better than a smudged toe. Plus, at a distance, no one can even tell.”

Smooth Out a Self-Tan
If you have only one set of hands to bronze you to perfection, there’s sure to be a splotch or two (after all, they can only reach so far). Majd has found an easy recipe that can smooth over the stark contrast of colors with ingredients straight from the kitchen. “Mix together freshly squeezed lemon juice with a few teaspoons of baking soda until the powder becomes a paste,” she said. “Then shower and exfoliate the areas that are really splotchy until the unwanted tan disappears. The lemon juice is naturally acidic and acts a little like bleach to remove unwanted color.”

Lippie to Lotion
Lotion can disappear as soon as we slather it on, which can quickly empty a bottle. If you’ve run dry, you can sacrifice your moisturizing lip balm until you snap up a new bottle. “It instantly relieves rough patches and soothes the skin until you can get back to your regular moisturizer,” she said.