Soma Unveils a Beautiful and Eco-Friendly Water Filter


With its unique hourglass-shaped glass carafe, Soma looks more like a work of art than a sustainable water filter. Soma's unique filter is completely biodegradable and composed of coconut shell carbon, four layers of fine silk and a plant based casing. Designed by David Beeman (Starbucks, Peet's, Keurig) and renowned industrial design team Joe Tan and Markus Diebel, Soma is an innovative, ecoconscious, and convenient filter we'd proudly display in our kitchen. Plus, every Soma filter sold gives clean drinking water to someone in need through the brand's partnership with charity: water. To simplify your life, Soma makes filter replacement easy with its subscription service, ensuring timely delivery of a fresh filter every two months.

Soma Carafe and Two Filters, available at for $49