Something Fierce This Way Comes: Tyra Banks Launches a Beauty Line


Tyra Banks still wants to be on top…of the beauty counter that is.

The model mogul has just unleashed a fierce new line of cosmetics, aptly called Tyra Beauty, which focuses on the face, eyes, and lips with makeup musts in the form of sticks and pens – perfect for glam on the go. “The creation of my cosmetics experience has been years in the making,” Banks told People. “Without makeup, I would have never been a supermodel. I believe makeup is the great beauty equalizer.”

TYover features shadow, highlighter and contour sticks to sculpt the face and eyes using a proprietary Ty-Guide Technology. Smize is all about the eyes (obvi) with a volumizing mascara and a felt-tip liquid liner that comes with a corrector to ensure your flick is fierce. Banks seals her line with a kiss from the It Factory, which pulls vibrant shades straight from the runway. “The TYRA Beauty cosmetics experience has a lot of innovative elements,” she said. “Our new beauty business is all about badassery.”

Just don’t expect to find the new beauty buys on store shelves, as Banks is recruiting a slew of independent contractors called “Beautytainers.” The makeup mavens will receive online tips and tricks on running their businesses at where else but TyraU. “We are accomplishing my ultimate dream: to give people the power to be their own boss while setting their dreams free,” she explained. “I feel fully armed to share and teach all I learned [at Harvard] with Beautytainers across the country, and later, the world!”