Sonia Kashuk’s Holiday Beauty Do’s and Don’ts


We’re breaking out our most festive frocks and bright baubles for all of the parties on our social calendar, but things can easily take a turn for the worse with the wrong makeup look to match. Thankfully, Beauty School was in session when Sonia Kashuk came out to celebrate Target’s collaboration with Story, where givers can nab nifty gifts for everyone on their list. The makeup maestro not only steered us in the right direction, but also gave us the scoop on haute holiday party must-haves and even her beauty resolution for 2015!

On finding the right holiday look for you:

I think the holidays are a little more structured, not so bright and colorful; it’s more refined. . I think people tend to think it has to be shimmery. It can definitely have shimmer, but even with our 12-pan shimmer palette is perfect for holiday, even a soft nude lip, which is why I did a nude lip palette. It’s not a one size fits all, I think it’s about personal style. Although I could say to you, “I think you should do this,” if you don’t feel it, it doesn’t matter. A red lip is great, but it’s not great on everybody. Go with what you think makes you look the most confident and [highlight] what you feel is your best feature.

On what makeup to wear with vibrant and sparkling ensembles:

A more natural nude with maybe a bronzy highlighter on the cheek makes the skin look so gorgeous. Sometimes you’re in a really sparkly dress or really festive attire, too much makeup is fighting the dress. So you want to tone the face down, depending on what you’re wearing. I think it’s more elegant and refined to sometimes try for a more softened effect.

On her number one party must-have:

To get everyone loosened up, a must have would be a festive drink and delicious food. I’m having a dinner party with a group of Italians, and it’s different types of pasta. Whenever I entertain at home, I like comfort food. It will hopefully be a glass of champagne to start out the evening, even if it’s a sip just for toasting for a positive, healthy New Year for everybody.

On her New Year’s Beauty resolution:

My motto I live my life with is, “I can always be better.” I think the New Year is a great time to take a step back and think about what you can do differently, but I try to own that throughout the year. It’s a lot of pressure to say no in my New Year’s resolutions because I try to make sure I’m taking care of my skin, that I’m getting facials, that I’m drinking a lot of water—which I can definitely drink more—that I’m using my moisturizers. It’s known [that] gym membership goes up significantly, and the drop off is right after. I think if you own it and live your life like every day is New Year’s, it’s a better approach.

Images courtesy of Sonia Kashuk's Instagram.