Spider-Man Swings Into Theaters…Again!

With The Amazing Spider-Man coming out today, our Spidey senses are tingling for more reasons than one! Marvel has done it again as Mark Webb’s re-boot of the original movie hits screens with a fresh feel. Andrew Garfield adds an adoring take on Peter Parker and the classic sarcastic take on the man in the webbed mask with real-life girlfriend, Emma Stone as his love-interest, Gwen Stacy, and both are completely genuine and charming. Many felt it would be difficult to replace the original Tobey Maguire andKirsten Dunst duo, so we weren’t sure we’d buy it, but the lovebirds bring authentic chemistry to each scene. They even created their own version of the iconic upside-down kiss that Spider-Man fans know and love.

As Peter’s relationship with Gwen blossoms, we get a detailed look at how he contracts his potent spider bite while searching for answers about his parents’ fate and his father’s scientific discoveries. As in previous Spider-Man episodes, we witness Uncle Ben’s (Martin Sheen) honorable attempt to serve as a father figure to Peter. As the gifted teen fights crime – namely the destructive intents of his father’s former partner, Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) – Uncle Ben’s unending support for his nephew is what fuels him to do good.

In all, we love to see Spider-Man doing what he does best, regardless of the fact that we already know the story. Elements of the story are tweaked towards the original comic's story line and dialogue, rendering a different iteration of the tale. Garfield does great justice to the role as well as the tried-and-true blue and red spandex Spidey suit by combining the right amounts of science geek, tender teen, crime-fighter, and do-gooder into his Peter Parker – and tying it up neatly with the webbing he invents himself to swing from building to building. And like Gwen, we’ll hang with that any day!