Sponsored Post: This Revlon Beauty Tool Should Be Your New Secret Weapon

Fact: Before last week, we never used our eyelash curler on a regular basis. (As beauty experts, we're actually ashamed to admit that.)

Why? The thought of accidentally clamping our actual eyelids in the tool was daunting enough, but it really felt like an extra step without much benefit. Apparently the cheese stands alone.

After interviewing numerous top makeup artists backstage over the past few weeks, there's one thing they've all pulled out of their kits this season—an eyelash curler. While some used it in place of mascara, and others used it in addition to mascara, we finally saw the light. Upswept bent lashes actually do take your look to the next level.

We're currently obsessed with Revlon's Extra Curl Lash Curler. The rounded pad on this easy-to-handle tool is specifically designed to fit all eye shapes while not tugging or sticking to your lashes.

Here's how to use it:

1) Position curler near the base of your top lashes;

2) Gently but firmly squeeze handles together for 5 seconds;

3) Release and apply mascara.

You'll thank us later.