Spring Revamp: 5 Ways to Celebrate the Season


1. Switch up your snapshots.
Swap the family photos in frames around your home with ones that were taken in springs past. Looking at your loved ones captured in a moment of springtime bliss will have you reliving the experience and getting excited about similar ones you’re bound to have in the new season.

2. Set the scent.
Bring the invigorating fragrance of peonies and orange blossoms into your home by plugging a Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Warmer in the limited edition scent, Live Loud™ , into your outlet. The fruity-floral aroma, including hints of mandarin orange, peach, pear, plumeria, and muguet, will have you feeling like it’s the first day of spring throughout the season.

3. Alter the aesthetic.
Something as simple as adding a bouquet of fresh flowers that are beginning to blossom in the garden can transform an entire room from winter-themed to spring-ready. Bringing the joys of the season inside the home is a wonderful way to do just that.

4. Feel the freshness.
At some point during the day, crack open the windows of your room to listen to the sounds of the season and feel that spring breeze drift through your home.

5. Change your linens.
Tablecloths, sheets, and towels can all get an easy spring revamp. Swap your winter colors and materials for softer shades, brighter patterns, and lighter textures this season.