Sprtizing and Styling with Bethany Mota


Bethany Mota is going viral in more ways than one. The YouTube sensation has entered the closets and bedrooms of over 6 million subscribers through her partnership with Aeropostale. And now she’s staking a claim on their vanities as well with her first fragrance, which launched this week at the teen retailer. Glam got the chance to sit down with the socially and sartorially savvy star to get the scoop on her new scent and her beauty must-haves, plus, snag style tips to shift your wardrobe from summer to fall!

On her reaction to creating her first scent:

I have always really wanted to create a fragrance so I was just like, “Is this for real? Are we actually going to do this?” I kind of didn’t believe it at first and then we had the first meeting where we went over basically a blueprint of what I would want the fragrance to be. Would I want it to be floral or would I want it to be super girly or a little bit more edgy? And then I was like, “Wait, this is actually happening.” So my reaction I was just so amazed, freaked out and excited all at once.

On her top beauty staples:

BB cream for sure because it’s so light and it has sun protection, and it’s just great. Definitely mascara; I like to use the Cover Girl Bombshell [Volume by Lashblast]. It’s double sided, and I feel like it just does so much for my lashes. Then an eyebrow pencil, I feel like eyebrows can just change so much with your makeup. You can be wearing very little makeup and just fill in your brows, and, boom, it makes such a difference so I always have my little brow pencil in there.

On who the Bethany Mota girl is:

Everything that I design I do with the mindset of 'What would my viewers like?' because obviously they’re the ones that are going to be buying the product. But it’s also finding the balance where I really love what I’m creating and they love it as well. I always get inspired by them using Twitter and Instagram; they’ll send me pictures like, “What do you think of this outfit?” I always ask them for help of what they would like to see in the line. So for me, it’s all about incorporating their ideas with my ideas to make it something that we all love.

On her style and beauty icons:

Vanessa Hudgens.She’s very bohemian and I’ve actually been inspired by her style for a few years now. Lauren Conrad has also always been a big fashion inspiration for me because her style is just very classic and very classy. And then also Demi Lovato because my style isn’t super edgy, but every once in a while, I like to be a little edgy and I always get inspired by her to do that. She inspired this leather jacket [from my Fall collection].

On her favorite designer:

I’ve always been a big fan of Marc Jacobs.

On the best way to transition your wardrobe to fall:

Knee socks and tights; it’s a perfect way to take your summer dress or your summer skirt and still wear it in the fall time. When it’s really cold, I’ll wear black tights and I’ll take printed knee socks and put it over and then [add] some really cool combat boots and, boom. You can just pair that with a super summery floral skirt and it looks like it’s made for the fall.