Standout Booties for Extra Flair

We're booting up for winter with some awesome looks centered around some even more awesome booties. And while black leather is the foolproof option, classic, timeless, and ultra chic, we're a little obsessed with these more unconventional designs. It's not an underground truth that velvet is in this season. The material is luxurious and glamorous, but there's something a bit edgy about it too. That's why we're loving She Find's round-up of gorgeous velvet booties in rich jewel tones. Let the footwear luster alone by donning classic silhouettes and simple details for the rest of your ensemble. Another bootie with no room for subtlety are these leopard print picks by Stylish Curves. It's a daring pattern, but also one that never seems to go out of style. Purrfect.

image via She Finds