Star Scoop: AHS Wants Reese Witherspoon, James Franco Channels Kanye, Family Guy’s Unexpected Farewell


Reese Witherspoon is Ryan Murphy's dream girl. The American Horror Story co-creator told Entertainment Weeklythat he'd love to recruit the legal blonde for a “twisted and f_____ up” role on the FX favorite, but “she's always booked.” Maybe the stars will align for his other white whale Michelle Pfeiffer. [Huffington Post]

Mouths around the world gaped open when Kanye West dropped the “Bound 2” video featuring his topless fiancée Kim Kardashian. While we're still processing the NSFW clip, James Franco and Seth Rogen have given us a reason to laugh in their play-by-play remake of the lovefest. For your viewing pleasure, “Bound 3.” In HD! [YouTube]

Spoiler alert: We're still not sure how to deal with the deaths of Chalky White's daughter Maybelle and our favorite hitman Richard Harrow on Boardwalk Empire—thanks Terence Winter—but this twist takes the cake. Last night, Family Guy bid Brian Griffin—who doubles as the show's most sane character and family pet—a final farewell. Let's just say fans aren't taking the news lightly. [L.A. Times]

While fans protest the animated Brian's demise, an exposé from The Hollywood Reporter is questioning the veracity of the “No Animals Were Harmed” claim credited to productions from the American Humane Association. [Vulture]