Star Scoop: Beyoncé, Beyoncé and Beyoncé


“Bow down bitches” is right. So, how did our favorite Bey-FF manage to keep this unreal album a secret? And how many sold in just 3 hours?! This woman seriously knows what she’s doing — so, yes, we're bowing down. [E! Online]

Queen Bey just pulled off the year's most epic punk and has the Twitterverse whirling. These celebrities’ reactions are priceless – and super accurate. [The Hollywood Reporter]

And while we’re on the subject of Twitter, it’s interesting to consider what “the celebrity” was like before publicists and stylists ever became a factor. Perhaps minimal publicity and pure star-status by way of fan interaction (alas, the SURPRISE!) is back en vogue after all these years. Still, Beyoncé added something by asserting her person-ness via her social presence, which so many of her fans use to connect with her (as opposed to newspaper or magazine articles). But, in all honesty, she might be more of a superhero than anything else. [Variety]

No, we just can’t get enough of “Yoncé.” Can you blame us? Didn’t think so. She heads the list of the Best Celebrity Photos of 2013, but there are other priceless celeb moments worth reminiscing about, too. [Huffington Post]

Though we laughed a lot during the Kerry Washington-hosted Saturday Night Live episode, but the sketch in which she played Oprah,Michelle Obama and Beyoncé (we know, she’s everywhere lately…) raised a fair point. Turns out Lorne Michaels is now doing something about the show’s apparent lack of diversity. [People]