Star Scoop: Beyoncé Comes OUT, Ellen Snaps a Billion-Dollar Selfie, Bravo Banks on Reality TV


LGBT glossy Out Magazine took a power trip with its May edition, traveling to Glasgow, Scotland to watch Beyoncé’s revamped, post-YONCÉ Mrs. Carter Show, and get a rare invitation “into Bey’s inner sanctum.” While the Queen covers the magazine’s issue and spoke with the interviewer via email (she’s quite the busy lady), it’s the anecdotes from her close-knit team at Parkwood Entertainment that give us a true look at her world. [Out]

You didn’t have to watch the Academy Awards to know that the biggest news of the night wasn’t about the winners, but instead, that #selfie seen ‘round the worldEllen DeGeneres’ photo—bombed by Lupita Nyong’oBradley CooperJared Leto and more—not only earned the title of the most-retweeted picture in Twitter history, but also as the most valuable. According to Samsung marketer Maurice Levy, the image’s social media rank equates to a $1 billion price point. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Bravo: taking over television, one reality show at a time. With 14 shows already primed for renewal—including three from the Real Housewives franchisethe network announced that it will be adding 15 new shows to its programming. Among them are a wedding spin-off for RHOA castmember Kandi Burrus, a dating show called 100 Dates that will allow for real-time social media engagement, and Friends to Lovers?, which will probably ruin platonic relationships for good. [Entertainment Weekly]

Since we’re talking renewals, Game of Thrones fans will be happy to hear the HBO series will be coming back for a fifth and sixth season, though that isn’t much of a surprise. However, it does make us wonder if showrunners will hold true to their seven-seasons-only agenda. [Washington Post]