Star Scoop: Beyoncé is One of One, Peter Pan (Kinda) Soars, Stephen Colbert Heads to Capitol Hill


She may have nabbed only one nomination for the 2015 Grammy Awards (so far), but Beyoncé still managed to come out on top. Her latest nod, Best Urban Contemporary Album for BEYONCÉ, makes her the most-nominated woman in Grammy history with 47 chances to go for the gold, beating out Dolly Parton who’s racked up 46. Bow Down—that’ll never get old. [Billboard]

Peter Pan didn’t fly so high, after all. NBC’s second turn at producing a live musical broadcast drew in 9.1 million viewers. An impressive number, sure, but it’s just half of what the Peacock did for Carrie Underwood-starrer The Sound of Music Live, which attracted an audience of 18.5 million. Still, execs say they’re “very pleased.” Surely, Allison Williams is, too. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Stephen Colbert is going out with a bang. The satirist is headed to Washington D.C. to interview President Barack Obama on December 8, one of his last tapings before taking David Letterman’s spot on The Late Show. [TIME]

So. Here’s what we know about Kim Kardashian’s broken-Internet bum. 1). Kanye West gave an official thumbs-up after finding out that Jean-Paul Goude would be shooting the Paper magazine cover. 2). Said confirmation didn’t come until the night before the actual shoot. 3). Kardashian really did flex her posterior power to balance that champagne glass. 4). There were 40 bottles of champagne on deck. 5). Photoshop played a hand. 6). And, most importantly, little Nori didn’t was not subjected to watching the four hour shoot, or the baby oil application process. [ELLE]