Star Scoop: Bjork Contributes To Modern Art, LiLo Hits The West End, A New Royal Pair Is In Town


Whether you love her or hate her, Björk is an artistic icon. Ever since she debuted her quirky swan dress back in 2001, we knew we needed to keep our eyes on the singer. It seems the Museum of Modern Art felt the same way because it has announced that it will feature an exhibition dedicated to Björk’s 20-year solo career, ranging everything from costumes, instruments, sound, and visuals. While we can barely know what to expect, we predict this exhibition will be the epitome of whimsy. [The Hollywood Reporter]

LiLo in London! Lindsay Lohan has revealed that she is preparing for a potential West End debut in the production Speed-the-Plow written by David Mamet. Considering this play starred Madonna in the past and won two Tony Awards, this could be a great acting revival for Lohan if it plays (no pun intended) out. We certainly hope it does! [Glamour UK]

Move over Kate Middleton! There’s a new stylish royal in town. Spain’s King Felipe VI and his wife Queen Letizia formally acceded to the throne today after King Juan Carlos officially abdicated after a 39-year old reign. The coronation ceremony was kept purposefully modest, in recognition of Spain's economic crisis. We wish King Felipe and Queen Letizia the best of luck! Now, excuse us while we go make a Pinterest board of the new queen's outfits. [The Daily Beast]

Would you ever go into the wild? If not, you might change your mind after hearing the lineup for a new unscripted series from NBC starring Bear Grylls and a number of hunky celebs including Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, and Ben Stiller. Knowing Grylls, we predict this series definitely won’t be a stroll in the park for these stars, but it will certainly be exciting to see them in a new environment. At least we can watch from our comfortable sofas. [Variety]

Cutest kitten in the world found here. Taylor Swift has debuted a picture of her pet kitten on her Instagram, eliciting a collective “Aw!” from the social media world. Her caption reveals that the kitten’s name is Olivia Benson– yes, the one from Law and Order S.V.U. Taylor’s other kitten, Meredith doesn’t seem to be very happy about Olivia, however, as evidenced by her clever tweets on her Twitter account @MeredithKitty. Maybe you can go and show some support for the poor, estranged Meredith while everyone else fawns over adorable Olivia. [Us Weekly]