Star Scoop: Drake Gets High School Degree, Ashton Kutcher Highest Paid Actor on TV, Lady Gaga Goes Zoolander?

Could Lady Gaga be headed to the big screen? It's reported that she's been offered nearly $5 million to star as Ben Stiller's love interest in Zoolander 2. The pint-sized powerhouse has yet to release a comment on the report and allegations have not been confirmed, but a reprise from Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald with Mother Monster in the mix would be epic! [Huffington Post]

Speaking of Gaga, the New York native is turning her recent weight gain backlash into a “smart water” move. The 26-year-old singer is rumored to be starting a bottled water line, to be released under her creative team at Haus of Gaga. Seeing that rapper 50 Cent earned $100 million with his Power 50 formula at Glaceau, we're sure Gaga's healthy water drink will do the same — or better — with her legion of little monsters. [New York Daily News]

Aubrey Graham — you may know him simply as Drake — is now a high school graduate. Congrats are in order for the rap star who tweeted that he earned his diploma yesterday after dropping out of high school in 2001 to pursue an acting career on Degrassi. The Young Money star completed his secondary credits at Vaughan Road Academy in Ontario, Canada. [Entertainment Weekly]

Country music star Jason Aldean is about to make history. He'll be the first country singer, ever, to perform at Boston's Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox. It'll be the first stop on his first stadium tour next summer. [Yahoo News]

Who is the highest-earning actor in television? Ashton Kutcher. Since taking over the lead role in Two and a Half Men from Charlie Sheen last year, Kutcher's earned $24 million, making him #1 on Forbes annual ranking of actors on the small screen. His co-star, Jon Cryer, came in at #5 with $13 million. [LA Times]

Documentary buffs need to tune in to HBO tonight. The network will be premiering Ethel, a film by Rory Kennedy (of that famous Kennedy clan) that doubles as a love letter to her now 84-year-old mother. It will follow Ethel Kennedy's years alongside husband Robert Kennedy before his 1968 assassination, and her life as a widow after. The doc premiered in February at the Sundance Film Festival. [ABC News]

Here's a collaboration that has nothing to do with the high-meets-street capsule collections in stores everywhere: new music from Green Day will serve as the exclusive score on tomorrow night's new episode of CSI: NY. The sneak on the link includes the band's single, “Amy,” which mirrors the show's storyline far too well. Check it out, and more from The band tomorrow. [ET]