Star Scoop: Get a Peek at the Mrs. Carter Tour, Dodgeball Hits the Court Again, Mickey Mouse Is Back In Black & White


If you couldn’t nab a ticket to one of the hottest shows in the world, worry not! Beyonce is giving everyone in her Beyhive a look at what they can expect when she comes to town in a new video that features the diva’s many costumes as well as her flying into the audience! [YouTube]

It looks like Ben Stiller and the gang are getting back together for another game of dodgeball. Twentieth Century Fox has finally commissioned a script for the sequel to the 2004 hit, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Hopefully, there won’t be a need to dodge a wrench this time around! [The Huffington Post]

Disney is going back to its House of Mouse roots! The animation studio is working on a series of shorts, beginning with Get a Horse, a short that might be a buried treasure from Walt Disney’s earliest works. The short will premiere at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in June before heading to the big screen during the holidays [Entertainment Weekly]

Can November hurry up? The first trailer for Thor 2 has just been released and has Chris Hemsworth not only save the Earth but the rest of the nine realms from a dark presence that threatens to destroy the universe. On top of that, an ancient race led by Malekith raises against the Asgard-ian, forcing him to sacrifice everything to save everyone! [iTunes Movie Trailers]

Daniel Gilles is taking a vacation from Mystic Falls. The Vampire Diaries star is slated to premiere his film, Broken Kingdoms, and its corresponding documentary on Showtime on May 15th. The movie follows a teenage street kid from Bogota, Columbia and an American writer as their paths cross because of the tragic secret of a l.A. daycare teacher. [The Hollywood Reporter]

While Halle Berry is on baby watch, she’s not letting it get in the way of her superhero duties! X-Men: Days of Future Past director Ryan Singer isn’t keeping a closed set either as he tweeted a photo of the mom-to-be in her new Storm costume, and we have to say we love the cropped coif! [Twitter]