Star Scoop: Hollywood Reporter Hails the Queen, Look Like Linda Lovelace, Gaga’s Marina Abramovic Moment


There's a new media mogul for everyone to #bowdown to: Queen Latifah. The rapper-cum-actress is on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter's latest issue, where she chats up reporter Marisa Guthrie about her new talk show, produced by power couple Will and Jada Smith. Though millions will see The Queen Latifah Show (it's been sold to 94 percent of the country), there is one thing that Latifah will not share on air. “I don't feel the need to discuss my private life on this show or any other show,” she said. “There's the part of my life that the public and I share together. And there's the part that's mine to keep for myself. And that's mine. For me.” [Hollywood Reporter]

If you're going to try anything at home, it's this. Learn how to dress like an, ahem, adult film star, à la Amanda Seyfried in Lovelace, courtesy of the film's costume designer Karyn Wagner. “I remember the '70s as being lovely fashion-wise. Not the sort of garish things we think of now,” she shared with The Hollywood Reporter. That is, unless you plan to go on a polyester overload. [Lucky Magazine]

Could Marina Abramovi? be stepping further into the spotlight? Last week, the renowned performing artist shared the stage with Jay Z for his “Picasso Baby” video, and this week, she's recruited Lady Gaga to practice her method in a NSFW video. Gaga groans, bares it all, and gets cozy with a gigantic crystal, all in an aim to support Abramovi?'s mission to project “long durational work, including that of performance art, dance, theater, film, music, opera, and other forms that may develop in the future.” [E! Online]

That inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soulbook series is turning a new page… in television. Alcon Entertainment, the production company behind The Blind Side, has acquired TV and film rights for the publication, and will develop clips based its nearly 250 titles. “I’m delighted to go back to my roots by adding movies and television to the variety of servings that Chicken Soup for the Soul offers,” said Bill Rouhana, Chicken Soup CEO. “Our fans and readers trust us as their source for positive and moving stories and they’re hungry for more.” [Variety]

Katy Perry and John Mayer aren't just kissing in a tree—they're making magic in the studio too. The musical match recorded a duet together for Mayer's forthcoming album entitled “Who You Love.” [Vulture]

Mayer also teams up with Grammy winner Frank Ocean for the Paradise Valley project. [Rolling Stone]

Here's reason 1,908 on why “Blurred Lines” is awesome: it was backed by liquor brand Remy Martin. “The record company didn't get it. They didn't even pay for the video. They didn't want to support it at all. Remy Martin paid for the video,” Robin Thicke said. “And as soon as the record company saw the video, they said, ‘This is a smash.’” [Huffington Post]

The Film Society of Lincoln Center's 51st annual New York Film Festival will be closed out by Spike Jonze's Her. By Her, we're referring to Scarlett Johansson's voice, which prompts Joaquin Phoenix's character to fall in love. CBS News]