Star Scoop: James Franco Gets Doc Treatment, Saving Grace, CBS Loves Conan


140514_James Franco Doc

James Franco, documentary star? First-time director Lisa Vangellow has been following the Oscar-nominated actor since June 2013, chronicling his “controversial exploits in academia and the art world… conventional film career and Broadway debut.” Seth Rogen, Franco’s “Bound 3” bud, is slated to appear in the film. [The Wrap]

After push backs and drama with movie magnate Harvey WeinsteinNicole Kidman starring Grace of Monaco has finally met its Cannes debut. Unfortunately, it came with harsh critical reviews, citing the work as “awe-inspiringly wooden” and “dramatically inert.” We’ll have to wait for a late summer or early fall release to see for ourselves. [Huffington Post]

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t the only late-night host guaranteed for an extended run. TBS just renewed Conan O’Brien’s contract through 2018, an announcement the network will make at its Upfronts today. O’Brien has yet to match the stats of say Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, but his audience trumps Late Show With David Letterman,Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Chelsea Lately, and Watch What Happens Live in viewers under 35. [Vulture]

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! The franchise’s new spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has been given a November 18, 2016 release date from Warner Bros. The J.K. Rowling adaptation is based on the 54-page Hogwarts textbook she published in 2001; the film is set 70 years before Potter came in to play and will “follow “magizoologist” Newt Scamander as an extension of the wizarding world.” [Variety]

Fans may still have questions about the How I Met Your Mother finale, but they won’t be getting answered anytime soon. CBS announced that it will not pick up the show’s spinoff How I Met Your Dad, starring Greta Gerwig. 20th Century Fox, the studio that produced the pilot, is shopping it to other networks, some of which have reportedly already displayed interest. [Deadline]

Yes, we’re following Cartergate. We’re human, just like you. As this commentator asks, though, is a private family skirmish enough to knock Jay Z and Beyoncé off their pedestals? [The Daily Beast]