Star Scoop: Jamie Foxx Steps into the Ring, Ellen Pompeo Moves Back, Boot Camp by Beyonce


TKO: Jamie Foxx is ready to take on his next biographical feat, this time as former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. The TerenceWinter-penned film (as in Boardwalk Empire’s Winter), will be the third project, and first feature, based on the fighter’s life. If it’s anything like his one-man show, it will likely capture his upbringing in one of Brooklyn’s most dangerous neighborhoods, past legal issues, and most-iconic bouts. [Vulture]

Her hit show Grey’s Anatomy may be nearing its 11th season, but veteran TV star Ellen Pompeo is ready to go behind-the-scenes. She signed on as the executive producer for the small-screen adaptation of Debt for ABC Family. The series will follow a twenty-something New Yorker, Lillian, who “explores how everyone she knows — even her tutee’s billionaire father — is in somebody’s debt.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Wanna be Beyoncé? Her (estranged) dad can teach you how. All you need is $300 and a ticket to Houston, Texas where you can enroll in a “day-long, intensive boot camp” about making it and staying relevant in the entertainment biz. We can pretty much guarantee Bey won’t be sharing this news on her Instagram. [Huffington Post]

Who knew Avril Lavigne’s ring finger was so strong? After being graced with a 14-carat engagement ring from her husband Chad Kroeger, she can now add a 17-carat, one-year anniversary sparkler to her stock. If this is what we have to look forward to after our first year of marriage… [People]

And album of the year goes to… One Direction?! That is, if you’re talking numbers. The British boy band had 2013’s top-selling disc, according to the British Phonographic Institute, with four million units sold worldwide. They join fellow Brit Adele, who earned the rank two years in a row for 21. [BBC]

Here’s one for #FBF: Clifford the Big Red Dog, the movie, will land in theaters on April 8, 2016. The lovable pup, who went from children’s book star to PBS mainstay, will be brought to life once more in a live-action/animation hybrid (in 3D, to boot). [Deadline]