Star Scoop: Jennifer Lawrence is ‘Catching Fire,’ Jessica Chastain Leads ‘Tarzan’ Pack, Puppets Take Over ‘Community’


If you want us to catch any type of fire, just make sure that Jennifer Lawrence—or better yet, Katniss Everdeen—is throwing it. Judging by the champion's official Capitol Portrait for the second installment of Hunger Games, the District 12 victor knows how to clean up. But we have to ask, does her theatrical gown trump Effie Trinket's Alexander McQueen original? [Racked]

While we're still mesmerized by Jessica Chastain's award-winning performance in Zero Dark Thirty, she could be giving us some jungle fever as Jane in the remake of Tarzan. As for who could play her leading man? Alexander Skarsgard, Henry Cavill, and Charlie Hunnam are reported contenders for the King of the Jungle role. [Huffington Post]

What could be more hilarious than an episode of Community? An episode of Community that takes notes from Sesame Street. This spring, the NBC comedy will air an episode with Joel McHale and company re-imagined as puppets. Elmo, though, will unfortunately not be part of the high jinx. [CNN]

We already got news that Adele will be penning 007's theme for the franchise's 24th installment, but there will sadly be a departure, too. Director Sam Mendes, who is responsible for the billion-dollar hit, Skyfall, won't be signing on to direct the next Bond film. Instead, he says he'll be focusing his energy on theater projects and the production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. [Huffington Post]

April brings some interesting holidays. There's Blah Blah Blah day on the 17th for you to take on procrastinated tasks, and Hug an Australian Day on the 26th for people to, err, hug an Australian. But the biggest day of the month this year—besides April Fool's of course—will be April 14 for the MTV Movie Awards.Django Unchained and Ted lead the pack with seven nominations, while Silver Linings Playbook trails with six. And, just to throw in a little more fun, the ceremony has added a best shirtless performance category. We'd put our money on Taylor Lautner for that one. [ABC News]

Our favorite guilty pleasure is back and there's no shame in our love of Dancing With the Stars. As we near the show's 16th season, we finally get a taste of what some unlikely celebrities—like Victor Cruz and Andy Dick—look like in ballroom dance attire. [E! Online]