Star Scoop: JT’s Never Done it Like This, Selena Gomez Steps Down, Eminem Goes ‘Berzerk’


Reason 2020 why Justin Timberlake is on our radar: he recorded his two-part LP, including the impending 20/20 Experience Part 2, in just 20 days. “We've never done it like this. We usually take our time,” he said in a teaser for the September 30 release. “And I felt like it would drive the creativity in a different way. To feel like we had to sprint everyday and it would hyperfocus us.” No need for explanation JT—we're already sold. [YouTube]

Selena Gomez may reign as the purveyor behind pop's best music video (at least, according to the MTV Video Music Awards), but the rising royal is ready to hand over her mic. “This is my last record for a while,” she told Us Weekly about her number-one album Stars Dance. “I'm going to tour it and then I'm going to just kind of get into acting for a really long period of time, hopefully.” [Huffington Post]

Though Gomez is plotting her exit, a hip-hop heavyweight is planning to conquer the charts all over again. Following his October 2012 tease, Detroit's very own Eminem is making good on his promise to release new music. During yesterday's 2013 Video Music Awards, he not only debuted “Berzerk” during a commercial for Beats by Dre, he also announced that his next album, Marshall Mathers LP 2, will drop on November 5. [Complex]

Lady Gaga's chorus of boos may have been part of her VMA opening act, but the onslaught of unfavorable jeers during One Direction's Song of the Summer win were the real deal. During a chance meeting backstage at the ceremony, Mother Monster insisted that 1D not let hate drown out the band's applause. “If I did hear what I heard out there, I just want to tell you that you deserve every bit of success that you have,” Gaga shared with Harry Styles and company. “Don't you dare let those people boo you.” [Buzzfeed]

Speaking of controversy at the VMAs, may we introduce exhibit A: Miley Cyrus. Between her tongue wagging, Robin Thicke twerk-a-thon, and oversized foam finger, we couldn't keep up. Though her live rendition of “We Can't Stop” has incited conservation coalitions like the Parents Television Council to take action, her manager Larry Rudolph says it's all part of a natural transition to adulthood. “Miley is doing it now organically,” said Rudolph, who also manages Britney Spears. “There’s no such thing as ‘OK, let’s figure out the plan for growing up.’ It doesn’t work. The public sees through it in two seconds, and every artist who’s tried to do it has failed.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Following her candid Interview feature and her big chopShailene Woodley's first trailer for Divergent has arrived; and we've officially added her character to the realm of Katniss Everdeen shero realness. [Variety]