Star Scoop: Lady Gaga Breaks Under 30 Bank, Icona Pop is Up ‘All Night,’ Penelope Cruz’s Little Princess


Leave it to Gaga to top a money-making list the same year she halted her international tour. Mother Monster made a whopping $80 million from June 2012 to June 2013 making her the highest-earning celebrity under 30; had she been able to continue her Born This Way Ball, it would have topped $200 million, making her net income substantially bigger. Not that she had any major competition though; JustinBieber clocked in at second place with a cool $58 million.[Huffington Post]

First, they didn't care and they loved it. Now Icona Pop is dreaming about a better life while staying up “All Night.” The Swedish dance duo released their second single from their U.S debut today. It will be featured on This Is… Icona Pop, out September 24. While we're on the subject of the partying pair, hear Robin Thicke cover their smash hit “I Love It,” over at BBC. [LA Times]

London's future king has a birthday twin! Penelope Cruz gave birth to her second child, reportedly a daughter, on the same day as Kate Middleton went into labor. Cruz, who is wed to fellow actor Javier Bardem, had her delivery in Spain. [MSN]

More on the #RoyalBaby: the Duchess of Cambridge and her dashing Duke have exited St. Mary's Hospital, with the royal baby in tow, wearing quite the appropriate shades of blue. [GLAM Chic]

Batman vs. Superman, or Superman vs. Batman, is two years away. Warner Bros. made an official announcement at San Diego's Comic Con that it will follow Man of Steel with a team up between the two iconic forces. Christopher Nolan will have no part in the 2015 film, but that still doesn't mean he can't revive his billion-dollar trilogy with The Dark Knight Returns. [Forbes]

The battle over The Butler is over. The upcoming, star-studded release, has been renamed Lee Daniels’ The Butler to comply with the Motion Picture Association of America's ruling in favor of a 1916 Warner Bros. film of the same name. [Deadline]