Star Scoop: Lady Gaga Debuts Duet with Christina Aguilera, M.I.A. Retreats from Roc Nation, Netflix Nabs More Movie Titles


Lady Gaga can do what she wants, even swapping out the other singer on her latest single. We first saw the star revamp “Do What U Want” by sharing a duet with Christina Aguilera on The Voice, and due to the popularity of the track, Aguilera announced a new edition featuring the pair in lieu of R. Kelly. [Twitter]

Looks like a series of delays have caused M.I.A. to go missing in action from Roc Nation. The Versus collaborator tweeted the news on New Year’s Eve after the release of her latest effort, Matangi, as well as its corresponding documentary, was delayed amidst her Super Bowl Halftime Show controversy. She even reached out to followers for resumes of those who would like to work with her on her future projects. We wonder what Jay Z has to say! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Your Netflix queue has just gotten a bit longer. Though the streaming service cut quite a few favorite flicks from its roster this week, there’s a slew of new ones added to satisfy your craving for instant gratification, including classics like Thelma & Louise, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Just be wary of too much binge-watching. [Mashable]

Speaking of fab flicks, get ready to break out your awards season pool sheets! The Producers Guild Awards just announced its nominees, including American Hustle, Blue Jasmine, Gravity, and many more, which provide a look at who might be up for a Best Picture Oscar soon. [Huffington Post]

With the rise of Xbox’s Kinect, gaming went hands free; but new technology may make video games as easy as the blink of an eye. Tobii’s Rex perphireal eye control could help playing become a “more immersive” experience for first-person shooters as well as strategy games. Call of Duty, anyone? [Mashable]

We all grew up with him on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but on Tuesday night the world said good-bye to James Avery. He was 67 years old. Best known as Will Smith’s foil, Uncle Phillip Banks, Avery passed away complications from open heart surgery. His final work, Wish I Was Here, will debut at Sundance and remember the veteran actor. [Entertainment Weekly]