Star Scoop: Lana Del Rey is Wide-Eyed, Justin Timberlake Means Business, Bro Talk with Seinfeld and Wale


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Justin Timberlake doesn’t just reserve his “Suit & Tie” for a night out. The papa-to-be inked a deal to become co-owner at AfterMaster Audio Labs, Inc. The audio company specializes in “enhancing and re-mastering audio quality,” using new mixes of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” and Sons of Anarchy as examples of its work. Looks like Timberlake’s vision isn’t the only thing that’s crystal clear. [Billboard]

Does Lana Del Rey have a shot at the Oscars? Following her Great Gatsby nomination upset (“Young & Beautiful” didn’t make the ballot), the moody singer is lending her voice to Tim Burton’s Big Eyes. She landed not one, but two, songs on the Amy Adamsstarrer’s soundtrack, including the titular record. [Vulture]

We all know Jerry Seinfeld’s namesake sitcom was, well, a show about nothing. When rapper Wale dropped his Mixtape About Nothing in 2008, it was an obvious nod to the classic. Now, seven years later (and weeks before you see Seinfeld namedrop Wale in Chris Rock’s Top Five), Complex has united the two in a series of shorts to chronicle their unlikely bromance. Hecklers and strip clubs are part of the conversation. It’s worth a gander… and a few laughs. [Complex]

BAFTA is taking its “A Life In Pictures” series to the small screen. Ahead of its December retrospective with Ethan Hawke, the organization will launch its first “A Life in Television” chat, spotlighting “a major creative force within television.” First up: DinnerladiesWood and Walters, and Patt and Margaret star Julie Waters. [The Hollywood Reporter]

When Idris Elba starred in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, we didn’t anticipate this. The Luther lead will release an album, mi Mandela, dedicated to the South African leader and his late father. It will be released under Elba’s 7 Wallace moniker on November 24. In the meantime, you can stream five tracks from the album here. [Billboard]