Star Scoop: Lorde’s Hunger Games, Jamie Foxx Goes To The Ring, Alicia Keys Has Some Good News


There isn't much our girl Lorde can't do, from winning a Grammy to rocking a vampy lip like it's her job. Now we hear news that she is teaming up with one of the most anticipated blockbusters, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One. The young songstress will not only be curating the soundtrack for the movie, but she will also be writing the first single for the soundtrack album. Looks like we get to listen to Lorde croon to us while we watch Jennifer Lawrence kick butt– all is right with the world. [Glam Inbox]

Jamie Foxx's repertoire is certainly a diverse one. We've seen him a villain (The Amazing Spiderman 2), a singing bird (Rio), a vengeful freed slave (Django Unchained), and now he is tackling the role of former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, in an upcoming biopic. Terence Winter, the creator of Boardwalk Empire (yes, your ears perked up?) is set to write the film. We have no doubt that Foxx will take on this role with extreme finesse. [Time]

Another celebrity pregnancy! R&B queen, Alicia Keys, revealed through a sweet Instagram photo that she is pregnant with her second child. Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz are already parents to a son, Egypt, who will turn four in September. Keys looks amazing, of course. Congrats to the growing family! [Huffington Post]

The Into The Woods trailer is here…but sorry, there is no singing. Instead, there's Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Johnny Depp, and more tackling this original Broadway production with their own Hollywood flair. We think it's a pretty fair trade-off. [Vulture]

More baby news here. Kelly Rowland, who has recently announced her pregnancy, has revealed that she is having a baby boy! Funnily enough, she didn't mean to disclose the sex, and accidentally slipped the pronoun “he” before she could catch herself. Don't worry Kelly! Even though the suspense may be gone, we are thrilled for you! [E! Online]