Star Scoop: M.I.A. Gets Doc Treatment, Wolverine Takes Two, Chris Hemsworth Crashes

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From flipping the bird during her 2012 Super Bowl halftime performance to citing counterfeits as her inspiration behind Versus’ latest capsule, the life and times of M.I.A are coming to a documentary screening near you. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Remember when Hugh Jackman alluded to leaving the X-Men franchise? It doesn't look like that'll be happening anytime soon. Thanks to the $413 million success of The Wolverine this past summer, director James Mangold has been tapped by Fox to write a sequel. [Entertainment Weekly]

Thor is going from tough to tiny. Chris Hemsworth is on a 500-600 calorie diet to prepare for his role as Owen Chase in Ron Howard's Heart of the Sea, about the real-life events that inspired Moby Dick. [Huffington Post]

Dále! Miami emcee Pitbull has been tapped to host the 2013 American Music Awards on November 24. [Billboard]

Try ARTPOP before you buy. Lady Gaga's latest effort is currently available for streaming on iTunes Radio. [Vulture]

Things may be going great on his concert's wardrobe front, but Kanye West has reportedly postponed two Yeezus shows in his native Chicago due to damaged equipment. [Huffington Post]

Following the critical acclaim of Steven McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave, the History channel has announced that it will remake the 1977 classic miniseries, Roots. [Deadline]

Look forward to a new episode of How I Met Your Mother, simply count down the time. Then call up your brother from another, because the episode will be done entirely in rhyme. [E! Online]