Star Scoop: Miley is Still Miley, Idris Elba is Coming Stateside, U2 Channels Beyonce


Here’s Miley Cyrus in a new commercial for hosiery brand the Golden Lady Company, being, well, Miley. She’s topless and gets pretty cavalier while ripping apart a teddy bear. Sounds like our girl. [Billboard]

Good news: BBC’s popular crime drama Luther is being adapted for a stateside debut. The bad: Idris Elba probably won’t reprise his titular role, but instead, serve as its executive producer. We’ll just have to take him any way we can. [Deadline]

U2 is taking a page from Beyoncé’s book. After surprising us with a free copy of Songs of Innocence in our iTunes library, the band says it will release a video for every song on the album under Films of Innocence. Their #visualalbum will comprise work from 11 street artists who’ve interpreted each song into a short film. Cool concept—just hoping it doesn’t magically appear in our video stream. [Stereogum]

The theme for Solange’s wedding day domination was nothing short of regal. “She’s a really good friend of ours and, you know, we wanted to make her look like a queen,” said Humberto Leon who designed her custom Kenzo gown, cape and all. Royalty, indeed. Bow down. [ELLE]

Happy holidays from Ellen DeGeneresPortia de Rossi, and their glistening, Kim K.-inspired backsides.[Huffington Post]

Box office success aside, there are some holes in Interstellar’s plot. Director Christopher Nolan acknowledges this and is here to fill in the void… with a comic strip. The accompaniment centers around Matt Damon’s character Dr. Mann, and offers the backstory on a journey he and robot SKIPP took before appearing on the silver screen. [The Hollywood Reporter]

We can’t deny that Dave Chappelle is making a comeback of sorts, but we were surprised to see him cover GQ’s Men of the Year issue. We were even more stunned by his bucket list admissions. Among them: he wants to road-trip from coast to coast and punctuate his travels with public barbecues, then go on to guest star in as many television shows in 2015 as possible, include Scandal. Yep, he’s a gladiator. [Vulture]