Star Scoop: Naming Baby Blake, Kooking with Kris, Barbara Walter’s ‘Most Fascinating’ List


141021_Star Scoop

We have Nicki Minaj to thank for baby Lively-Reynold’s name. Ryan Reynolds joked that he and mommy-to-be Blake Lively are betting on Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds or Bruce Jenner for their bundle of joy. What?! No, most-beautiful-baby-of-the-year moniker? [Vogue UK]

Fancy dinner with Kim Kardashian(happy birthday, girl!)? Appetizers with Kendall (no Jenner)?Well, you’ll probably never get there… but you can eat like them thanks to this recipe book from momager Kris Jenner. Bon appetit! [Domaine]

Barbara Walters may no longer be a regular on daytime television, but the recently-retired journalist isn’t done counting down the world’s most-fascinating people. She’s bringing her annual special back to ABC on December 14 with spotlights on Oprah WinfreyNeil Patrick HarrisScarlettJohansson, and Chelsea Handler. Sorry—North West declined. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Three things: a Drumline sequel is coming to VH1 next week. Zoe Saldana won’t be in it; but Alexandra Shipp—who stars as Aaliyah in the late singer’s controversial Lifetime biopic—will be. So… who’s watching? [Vulture]

Waiting on Mean Girls part two? Don’t hold your breath. Tina Fey, who made “fetch” a thing and instilled the importance of wearing pink on Wednesdays, is over that era. According to ELLE, she’s not interested in extending the teen drama, but rather, writing smart, funny work for women of all ages. [ELLE]