Star Scoop: Orange is (Almost) Back, Olsens Down the Aisle, Pretty Woman Heads to Broadway



In three months, we’ll be turning off our televisions and logging on to Netflix for more wild adventures with Piper, Alex, and Crazy Eyes. Until then, streaming sensation Orange is the New Blackis offering a second-season tease with photos featuring Law & Order’s recurring Lorraine Toussaint and a mock job fair for its inmate ensemble. [Vulture]

Mary-Kate isn’t the only Olsen who’s headed down the aisle. Baby sister Elizabeth Olsen is reportedly engaged to her beau of almost two years, Boyd Holbrook. Love is obviously in the Olsen air… and their water. [New York Magazine]

Pretty Woman is walking down the street; that street is Broadway. The 1990 cult classic starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is being adapted by its director Garry Marshall and theater producer Paula Wagner for The Great White Way. [Entertainment Weekly]

SXSW’s annual music celebration was met with an untimely tragedy early this morning when a vehicle crashed outside of Austin’s Mohawk nightclub, killing two and injuring more than 20 others. SXSW Festival organizers released a statement, sending condolences and commending first responders “who so quickly sprung into action.” Tyler the Creator, who was scheduled to perform near the scene of the accident, canceled his show while SXSW Music keynote speaker Lady Gagatweeted “All my love to music lovers and fans, stay safe tonight we love you.” [ET Online]

True Detective solved its season one mystery on Sunday, but fans are still seeking insight on its complex cast of characters. This clip may help. In a deleted scene from the HBO hit, we get a new look at Detective Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey), his “philosophies,” and how his unwillingness to have children and “heal” hinders his relationship with Lori. [Variety]

Rozay—what a MastermindRick Ross landed his fifth number one album this week with more than 179,000 albums sold. His latest LP’s debut pushed Pharrell’s G I R L back to number two, while Lea Michele’s debut disc landed in the top five. [Billboard]