Star Scoop: Reviving Veronica Mars, Football is on Top at Fox, The Found Footage Franchise


Veronica Mars the movie has (almost) arrived. Kristen Bell's teen detective title character-turned-NYC attorney is back in the first official trailer for the Warner Bros. project. Though the show ranked 138 out of 142 when it went off-air in 2006, we can bet that it'll make some sort of splash at the box office—it was funded exclusively by fans on Kickstarter, after all. [Vanity Fair]

Ready for some football? Fans who tuned in to NFL on Fox were, and in record numbers, too. The series’ 20th season was its most-watched with an average of 21.2 million viewers. [Variety]

Is found footage the future of horror film? With the $1.2 million Thursday opening of Paranormal Activity in 1,600 theaters—East Coast snow storm and all—it could be. Still, with a formula that hasn't varied much since the days of The Blair Witch Project, new perspectives, more complex story lines, and recognizable casts could revive the form… and keep us wanting more. [L.A. Times + Vulture]

In other milestone news, Hunger Games: Catching Fire has reached the $400 million mark at the box office in 42 days—and that's just domestically. The Jennifer Lawrence-led flick is now the fifth-fastest film to reach said record “behind The Avengers (14 days),The Dark Knight (18 days), Avatar (23 days) and The Dark Knight Rises (29 days).” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Parents of tech-savvy tykes, rejoice! Fuhu, the company behind the Nabi tablet for kids, will keep its young consumers happy thanks to a new device launched with DreamWorks Animation. Dubbed the Dream Tab, the Android tablet comes stocked with apps and games featuring DreamWorks characters, cartoons, and songs; and has the functionality to sync with a wireless printer and Nabi Karaoke machine. [Wall Street Journal]