Star Scoop: SNL Says Goodbye to Stefon, Seth MacFarlene Says No to Oscar, Drake Drops By the Anchorman 2 Set


We knew Bill Hader would go out with a bang, but we didn’t see this coming! Hader’s signature character, Stefon, hosted the wedding of the year to none other than Anderson Cooper. But who else managed to nab an invite? Hobocops, evil celebrity chef Wario Batali, human parking cones, and Stefon’s brother David (Ben Affleck) filled the pews. While the vows weren’t exchanged, due to Seth Meyer finally admitting his feelings for the correspondent, it was an epic way to say goodbye! [Gothamist]

After his controversial stint as Oscar host,Seth MacFarlane revealed he wouldn’t make another appearance during Hollywood’s biggest night. The Family Guy creator tweeted the news today, stating “Traumatized critics exhale: I’m unable to do the Oscars again. Tried to make it work schedule-wise, but I need sleep.” But never the one to miss a joke, he happily suggested Joaquin Phoenix as a candidate for next year’s host. [People]

He got his start on Degrassi, and it looks like Drake is going back to his roots…sort of. The rap star was spotted on the set of highly anticipated sequel in an Afro alongside Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, and Paul Rudd. He’s not the only hip-hop star slated for a cameo in the movie as Kanye West also filmed a spot for the film. While we have to wait until next year for it to hit theaters, we at least have a teaser trailer to tide us over for a while. [Huffington Post]

Antonio Banderas is set to become Super Mario, and we’re not talking the beloved Nintendo character. The Spanish actor will play Mario Sepulveda, one of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days in 2010. Producer Mike Medavoy secured the miners’ exclusive life rights last year and worked with the rescued men, their rescuers, and their families, making Los 33 the official version of the miners’ story. [Deadline]

We first heard his voice alongside Mandy Moore in Tangled, but now Zachary Levi is Broadway bound! Levi will play a tightly wound suitor to a serial dater (Krysta Rodriguez) in First Date. The quick drink turns into a high stakes dinner, complete with Google background checks, friends, exes, and parents. Performances will begin July 9th with an August 8th opening at the Longacre Theater. [Entertainment Weekly]