Star Scoop: Spider-Man Stops Swinging, Obama Heads West, Being Pharrell’s ‘Bae’


Sony Pictures isn’t sticking to the script. The studio is pushing the third installment of its Amazing Spider-Man franchise back to 2018 from its original June 2016 release date. Though The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did well at the box office—it earned $706 million compared to the first’s $758 million—reports say mixed fans and critical reviews are leading Sony to “consider its creative approach.” [Wall Street Journal]

President Barack Obama went west… and brought a bit of scandal with him. The POTUS hosted one of his midsummer fundraising stops at the home of ABC mainstay Shonda RhimesKerry Washington co-hosted the effort, where tickets ran as high as $32,000, with guests like Janelle MonáeScott Foley, and Tony Goldwyn mixed throughout the affair. We take it our ticket got lost in the mail. [The Hollywood Reporter]

We’re not even going to speak on Time posting an article about the origins of the term “bae.” But we will commend Miley Cyrus for keeping her twerking at bay. [YouTube]

When it comes to staying up late, New York always bests Los Angeles. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that The Late Show will remain in the Big Apple after Stephen Colbert takes over for David Letterman next year. The show has been filmed in Manhattan’s Ed Sullivan Theater for the past 21 years, and its stay will secure 200 jobs that go into producing the show. [Vulture]

We were admittedly disappointed to hear that Ben Affleck would be taking the role of Batman in the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice epic. Where, oh where, is Christian Bale?! Then, we saw Batfleck in the Batsuit; and our sentiments changed. [Variety]