Star Scoop: Steve Carell Could Be up for an Oscar, Billboard At its Best, Ludacris is a Rising Star


Cannes may have found its first 2015 Oscars contender: Steve Carell. The actor’s performance in Foxcatcher as schizophrenic millionaire and murderer John du Pont, is drawing critical acclaim and being touted as the first Academy Award-worthy display of the year. [Variety]

Bank on Billboard. Last night’s telecast of the annual awards show saw a 10 percent hike, making it the ceremony’s most-watched show in the last 13 years. We still don’t know how to feel about that Michael Jackson hologram though. [The Hollywood Reporter]

ABC is tapping into the singing competition game with help from Atlanta’s finest and a sleazy animal. Rapper-slash-actor Ludacris and quirky Kesha will be joining Brad Paisley and Josh Groban for Rising Star, a live talent show that lets the audience vote for their favorite contestants, via social media, in real time. [Vulture]

All heroes start somewhere—yes, even a band of thieves, assassins, thugs, and maniacs—especially when the fate of the Universe rests in their hands. The second trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy has landed, sending our summer blockbuster radar into overdrive. [MTV]

YouTube is cashing out. The Google-owned company is reportedly primed to buy Twitch, a video game streaming service, for $1 billion cash. YouTube beat out Xbox One and Microsoft for the imminent sale, a major acquisition considering its dominance in the streaming space. [USA Today]