Star Scoop: The Smallest Jolie-Pitt Star, #TeamCoco Takes MTV, Leo’s Too Cool for an Oscar



Jolie-Pitt matriarch Angelina Jolie is months away from scaring wowing audiences as Disney’s Maleficent, with darling daughter Vivienne slated for her silver screen debut. Apparently, the 4-year-old’s cameo was out of necessity, more than anything. “The other 3- and 4-year-old [performers] wouldn’t come near me,” Jolie told Entertainment Weekly. “It had to be a child that liked me and wasn’t afraid of my horns and my eyes and my claws. So it had to be Viv.” Primed for the spotlight, that one! [Entertainment Weekly]

Now that the Oscars are over, we’ve a more dignified ceremony to look forward to: The MTV Movie Awards, of course! This year’s broadcast will be emceed by TBS talking head Conan O’Brien, who’s getting help on the promo front from YouTube sensations Our2ndLife. #TeamCoco! [MTV]

Matthew McConaughey’s Oscars win was well-deserved, but the fangirl in us was still rooting for Wolf of Wall Street bad boy Leonardo DiCaprio to, at last, walk away with his own statuette. Though theories abound regarding his bad luck on the Academy Awards ballot, this one makes perfect sense: he’s just too cool. [Vanity Fair].

Which could explain why Leo dropped out of this project. [Deadline]

When Jessica Biel showed up at the Oscars, many wondered what’s kept her out of the spotlight (aside from Justin Timberlake news) for so long. As it turns out, she’s been working behind the scenes with her production company Iron Ocean to develop two shows for NBCUniversal, including a dramedy about an NYC bachelor looking to shed the single-life image. [Variety]

Actor, author, comedian extraordinaire Tina Fey is teaming up with famed fashion photographer Annie Leibovitzto paint a portrait of the everyday woman. Fey is the new ambassador for the American Express EveryDay rewards program, which rewards Card Members for how often they use the Card, and not just how much they spend.” The program will be available to AmEx users on April 2, 2014. [Glam Inbox]

Lights! Action! Hollywood? Despite Tinseltown’s allure, film studios are opting to shoot motion pictures, namely those set in California, in places other than the Golden State. “Producers tell us, ‘I’d love to shoot here but I have to go where the incentives are,’” said San Francisco film commissioner Susannah Robbins, referencing New Line’s new thriller San Andreas. The Dwayne Johnson-led project, set in San Fran, was primarily shot in Australia, where it was “granted a portion of Australia’s $20 million film fund set up specifically to attract overseas movies.” [Variety]

Don Draper is back! The first official teaser from the final season of Mad Men has landed, giving fans… very little information. Still, we see Draper being Draper, private jet and all. Roll out the bar carts, folks! [Vulture]

John Travolta is finally owning up to his “Adele Dazeem” Oscars snafu. “I've been beating myself up all day. Then I thought… what would Idina Menzel say… she'd say, ‘Let it go, let it go!’” We’re sure Frozen’s two Oscars wins, and an influx of post-Travolta publicity, were compensation enough. [Huffington Post]