Star Scoop: Vince Vaughn Goes Rogue, A Gladiator for Game of Thrones, That SNL Doc is Happening


We’ve been teased with the possibility of Vince Vaughn on season two of True Detective for a while, and now, we finally know it’s real. The comedian will take on a more dramatic role opposite Colin Farrell and two more unconfirmed leads, as Frank Semyon, a career criminal whose empire is in danger after the murder of a corrupt business partner. Hopefully Nic Pizzolatto will make room for a joke or two. [Deadline]

Olivia Pope is (almost!) always cool, calm, and collected. So it was surprising to see Kerry Washington go from gladiator to geek over… Game of Thrones?! In a late night visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Washington admitted to being “obsessed” with the fantasy after her parents’ own loyalty to the show. [LA Times]

Speaking of Washington and her posse at OPA, here’s a compilation of every time she, or another character on Scandal has uttered “gladiator.” Thank goodness Shonda Rhimes Thursdays are here! [Vulture]

Ignore James Franco’s bald head, and pay attention to his Instagram caption: that Saturday Night Live documentary he shot five years ago, is finally getting released. Fans will be able to stream it on Hulu Plus this Friday, ahead of SNL’s 40th season premiere. [Instagram]

Barbra Streisanddidn’t just release a new number one album. She set a record, too. Her latest work, Partners, makes her the only artist to have a number one on the Billboard 200 in each of the last six decades. [Billboard]

Dr. Dre made $620 million pretax last year, largely in part to that billion-dollar Beats by Dre-Apple merger. He not only tops Forbes’ annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2014 list, but he made more than the other 24 rappers combined. Well, then! [Forbes]