Star Scoop: Wonder Woman Says Ladies First, Shailene Woodley Goes Independent, Can Jennifer Anitson Win an Oscar?


Warner Bros. is calling ladies, first. Rumor has it that Breaking BadGame of Thrones, and The Walking Dead director Michelle MacLaren is in talks to helm the studio’s standalone Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot. Who runs the world… you know the rest. [Vulture]

Insurgent lead Shailene Woodley is one of those rare Hollywood stars who can traverse studio-backed films and indie flicks with ease. It seems, though, that the latter is a clear favorite. “For the most part, they feel like the basic art of cinema is being honored,” she told Variety. “On indies, if one person from the team went missing, the entire project would fall apart. No one is there to make money, or to receive accolades in the form of glamour and glitz. I also love that everyone is treated as like an equal. Everyone is just as vital to the eventual outcome — whether you are a producer, a caterer, an actor, a gaffer or a teamster.” [Variety]

Could this be Jennifer Aniston’s Oscar-winning role? See the romcom favorite like never before in this sneak peak of Cake. The film, which received plenty of praise at the Toronto International Film Festival, finds Aniston playing a woman suffering from chronic pain. As for her transformation, it gives Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos, circa 2003 a run for her money… and we all know how well that fared during awards season. [Vanity Fair]

There’s no denying that Jeremih’s “Don’t Tell Him” is a certified club hit. So we were a little skeptical to hear that Lorde chose it as her latest cover. The Grammy-winner infused the song with her signature haunting, indie pop sound, and—dare we say—made it almost as good as this T. Swift x Kendrick Lamar mashup. Almost. [YouTube]

Sorry, Iron Man. You’re not the only billion-dollar man in town. According to a new report from The Licensing Letter, Marvel beats comics competitor DC Comics in the global licensed products game, and has the rights to the best-selling superhero in the world: Spider-Man. [The Hollywood Reporter]

If this whole music thing doesn’t work out for Top Dawg Entertainment’s leading lady SZA, she could always lean on a good floor routine. The Jill Scott collaborator flexed her gymnastics skills in a cute behind-the-scenes clip for Interview magazine. We foresee 10’s across the board. [Interview Magazine]

Internet still working? Ours too. But, in case you’re still mesmerized by a certain reality TV star’s buns (hun!), this is how she got them to glisten and gloss. Hint: oil. [Fashionista]

BONUS: That one time Kim Kardashian cried over appearing nude in W magazine. Oh, how times have changed. [The Daily Beast]