Starbucks Gets Striped By Stacey Bendet


Between slow-moving lines and specific-drink-order commotion, a quick coffee run can easily turn your day upside down before it even begins. But leave it to Stacey Bendet to make your morning Starbucks run extra warm and fuzzy.

The designer put her creative spin on a limited-edition line of Alice + Olivia goodies in participation with Starbucks! Beginning in store on November 12 and online starting November 1, the creative mastermind (and Instagram genius) behind Alice + Olivia, will offer up a fashion-forward touch to the coffee experience. Bendet channeled her aesthetic for sophisticated clothes with super-feminine flair to Starbucks in the form of, what else, a “Bearista” teddy bear.

Her two daughters were the inspiration for stocking Starbucks with kid-friendly teddy bears, so that “when moms are getting coffee the bear will appeal to the children,” according to Women’s Wear Daily. And in true Alice + Olivia fashion, the Bearista is decked out in a chic black-and-white striped dress and accessorized with lacy crinoline, a black beret with red bow, red shoes and a pearl necklace (available for $19.95). She also designed a very fashionable 12-oz. tumbler for the collaboration, complete with a bow, hand-painted metallic designs and a tutu (available for $19.95). With coffee accessories as sassy as these, there’s no way a hectic morning coffee run (complete with a misspelled name on the cup) will compromise our ability to take on the day ahead.