Stella Jean Fall 2014


DESIGNER: Stella Jean

INSPIRATION: Africa, though in her show notes, Jean noted that her styles were also inspired by a “geisha and mannish attitude.”

TRENDS: Print mixing and multiple piece layering was key to this line, which included fluid trousers and maxi skirts, belted kimono dresses, menswear button down blouses, bold scarf bows, robe-like outerwear, pencil skirts, and blazers. In the details, African wild life like river fish, large flowers, farm roosters, and beautiful birds covered the collection, with accessories including flap clutches, handle strap bags, and patterned socks and stockings paired with pumps. 

PALETTE: Yellow, gold, grass green, crimson, orange, burnt red, powder blue, navy.

WHO SHOULD WEAR IT: Ladies who find strength through style, and who love clothing with bold patterns, cultural influences, vibrant colors, eccentric styling, and fluid silhouettes. Fearless fashionistas who don't believe that less is more.