Step Up Your Workout Style in Stillettos



As women, we know that it’s virtually an art form to be able to walk in sky-high heels. We also know that things sometimes go awry. Thursday night we discovered an effective – and fun – tool that will help us perfect our strut. Featuring Goody’s newest product, Athletique, we brought our sexiest stilettos to a workout class! Once our hair was pulled back in all sorts of Goody neon-colored elastics and zipper-featuring headbands, we were ready to go. These vibrant hair accessories are meant to perform well at the gym and take you from class right out to the streets — and as long as you've got your stilettos for this one, you'll be more than ready to hit the town.

Stilettos in gym class is certainly an unusual phenomenon, but with this “Stiletto Strength” workout, Crunch and Goody proved to us that core and leg strength are crucial in showing off our flashiest of footwear like champs. Over the course of a half-hour, we worked every muscle in our legs – including those sneaky butt muscles we never even knew we had. After a series of plié squats, calf raises, and leg pulses, we focused on several grueling core exercises. By the time we broke a sweat, it was time to don our heels and strut our stuff across the floor. Feeling balanced, poised, and on top of the world, the pop-driven playlist turned our editorial selves into straight-up runway models.